Personal Loan for You? We are a License Money Lender in Clementi Singapore.

**Disclaimer:  We DO NOT have any link with AK Alpha 8 credit and we do not have staff by the names of Jonathan and Nick.

**Disclaimer:  We DO NOT have any link with AK Alpha 8 credit and we do not have staff by the names of Jonathan and Nick.

Why are we the best money lender in Singapore?

Fast loan approval! Alpha8 the No.1 licensed money lenders in Singapore. We provide unsecured lowest personal loan interest rates for your payday repayment.

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****Disclaimer:  We DO NOT have any link with AK Alpha 8 credit and we do not have staff by the names of Jonathan and Nick.

A personal loan is one of the most popular lending products available in Singapore. Getting a personal loan or cash loans has become so easy and quick that it draws most of the people at times of financial crisis. As expected events may affect the financial income at any instance due to a various issue like the loss in a business or investment, pay cut on a recession time, medical fee, renewal of car insurance, road tax and so on. To meet the future financial needs, the best solution that you can find is a personal loan that supports you on hand at the right time. You can find the best personal loan in Singapore right here at Best Way Loan for whatever purposes you need the money for.
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Business Loan

Business loans are commonly used by business owners to access the cash needed for a business start-up, growth or improvement. There are a wide variety of programs and moneylenders available, so it’s essential to understand your specific needs and pursue a loan that fits your situation. Starting a business in Singapore isn’t easy, nor is it cheap. That’s because in addition to hard work and lots of preparation, behind every scene, there is an abundance of equipment, inventory, marketing and human resources — all of which cost money. Of course, if you don’t have money, you’ll need to find it. The first place you should go is your savings. If you don’t have savings, though, you’ll need to borrow. Borrowing is especially never easy for the self-employed who lack partners and investors with which to share financial risk. For them, taking up loans are equal parts of obstacle and opportunity, overcoming the former to seize the latter is a matter of preparation, planning and persuasion.

Payday Loan

At Alpha8, we understand your urgent need for cash before payday. Our flexible repayment plan allowed you to meet your financial emergencies immediately; there is no need to panic anymore. You can obtain from the Payday Loan provided by us to fix your immediate payment. Being a top credit lending agencies in Singapore, we understand the demanding financial situations and dealing with unexpected monetary problems. We are here to lend our assistance to clear your financial worries with our low-interest rate loan and a flexible repayment schedule that is suitable for you.
Whether you require processing your lease payment, attending to a medical emergency, or want a few extra money to for daily use till your salary is credit into your bank account, we are here to provide you what you need before your payday.

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Suriya RaneshSuriya Ranesh
11:53 22 Sep 23
understanding explain in details really well
Penny LimPenny Lim
05:39 20 Sep 23
Personally like Mr Lim approachable and providing fuss free and excellent service in assisting to secure personal loan promptly. Also Mr Lim took time to provide detailed explanation on the loan requirements. Highly recommended
kelvin kevlkelvin kevl
05:29 19 Sep 23
Bowen is fast and efficient.. helps alot
Jess DasJess Das
08:58 16 Sep 23
Mr Lim was very understanding regarding my monthly payment and he explained in detail and I was very comfortable with him. Excellent service. Thank u.
Ah DongAh Dong
07:53 13 Sep 23
Staff were all helpful, friendly and understanding to help you get the loan you needed.
Al AzimAl Azim
09:17 12 Sep 23
mohd idzaghimohd idzaghi
07:26 08 Sep 23
A great place to take a loan...willing people to help you clear your other loans. Willing to give advise on financial as well...
Sitoh TeeSitoh Tee
05:55 06 Sep 23
Good attitude ☺️☺️
05:41 06 Sep 23
Mr Lim serve me well and expedite the process faster than I expected. Bravo!
Hong thanh Pham thiHong thanh Pham thi
12:18 05 Sep 23
Laleksaleh SuvilLaleksaleh Suvil
11:17 05 Sep 23
Good place to loan the staff is understanable more over mr boh is mist understandung of my problem
Faris ShahFaris Shah
09:40 05 Sep 23
Most reliable moneylender, easy and fast process. Staff were all helpful, friendly and understanding to help you get the loan you needed. Mr Boh is the best loan officer, very kind and nice to accommodate to my needs always. Very leniet too. Been a loyal customer since 2020. Recommended 👍🏽
05:46 19 Jul 23
Bowen is very helpful and efficient on my application. He is able to explain to me all in details. I greatly appreciate his help and will recommend to everyone if needed.
Richard Dela CruzRichard Dela Cruz
10:24 05 Jul 23
My loan experience with Alpha8 most especially with Mr. Bowen is very smooth and comprehensible. All details are well explained in detailed manner and have nice attitude towards customer. Looking forward to future transactions and help from this company. 🙏🙏🙏
Dani Mika Qayla MishaDani Mika Qayla Misha
05:57 10 Jun 23
Bowen gave me a good financial advise, he is the only lender ive been to that think out of the box for my financial difficulty. Went around alot to other lender to get rejected but he gave me solution here instead. Bowen and the other lady was approachable.
Kevin SilvesterKevin Silvester
05:01 08 Jun 23
Helpful friendly and efficient. Settled my loan application and gave a step to step guide on the rules and regulations. Clearly. Appreciate the help and would recommend people coming here for their planned loan
Dzul hairieDzul hairie
07:18 23 May 23
Mr lim was a great help to me. Help me to understand my loan & explain whats need to be done. thank you & i recommend anyone who needs loan to come by down!!
Shiela Ann Sta. MariaShiela Ann Sta. Maria
05:35 19 May 23
I’m very happy with the offer Mr. Lim suggested to me. The staff explained everything in detail in a friendly and very calm manner. Thanks so much to the team!
Zakiah Abdullah AminZakiah Abdullah Amin
06:14 16 May 23
Really desperate with financial issue .. was recommended by lendale to meet Mr Bo Wen from Alpha 8 to assist with my problwm. He is very professional knowledgeable and helpful to advice me to which plan is good to settle it. Really thankful with his kindness n understand about his customer problem . He try his very very best to assist. Good luck MR Bo Wen
Sathya RajSathya Raj
08:20 10 May 23
5 star service. Bo wen was very professional, gave clear explanations. He Answers queries calmly and in friendly manner.Definitely recommended.
06:50 03 May 23
Mr Lim is willing to listen to my problem and make sure I am able to repay my loan. He did a small chat, and he understand my situation help me on the loan. I appreciate his help and should be best person I chat in License money lender. Thank you Mr Lim.
Marvin ChewMarvin Chew
11:52 24 Apr 23
Appreciate Mr Lee for giving me the trust and loan to settle my outstanding bills. He has been really understanding and offering me great help. Thumbs up!
08:56 10 Apr 23
I went today alpha credit. Very nice and customer need good service in all staff. Mr Lee is very useful and advice and explain tha loan details... Thanks ..alpha credits..
xavier leexavier lee
06:41 30 Mar 23
Very outstanding service by staff BOWEN . exceptionally friendly and helpful with my current situation and have given me the best solution to reduce my worry. The repayment terms are very flexible as well that fits into my monthly budget. I highly recommend this place if you’re in need of any loan regardless of the situation you’re in. They’ll explain to you and clarify all of your doubts and give you the best solution possible! I truly appreciate the professionalism that they have and their service!
Alvin LeeAlvin Lee
05:59 30 Mar 23
Great service from Alpha 8Offer good payment term and very professional. Highly recommended. Thanks Bowen & Mr Boh for the service
11:47 27 Mar 23
Bowen is nice guy. He is friendly, understand & try to help you! If you need helping just find him:)
Firdaus HermanFirdaus Herman
10:36 23 Mar 23
Bowen is an easy going person and friendly! Those looking for loan fast approval can find him an easy going person , friendly and understand ! Will loan from him when next time I need it for emergency truly customer service 5 star ✨✨✨✨✨
Khairul IqramKhairul Iqram
11:19 15 Mar 23
Bowen was extremely helpful and knowledgeable as it's my first time taking loan. Bowen assisted by explaining every detail of information i needed. Will recommend to come here for loan.
Muhammad RuzaideeMuhammad Ruzaidee
04:43 08 Mar 23
Simply One of the best moneylender. Transaction was smooth. Mr Lim understand my situation and grant the loan that I'm looking for. Highly recommended to whoever who needs some financial help👍
Alvin OngAlvin Ong
05:25 17 Feb 23
Very much appreciate their professional expertise.All friendly n cheerful staffs, especially Mr.Lee whom had guide me all the way and the proposal repayment plan.Highly recommended
shuwen zhuoshuwen zhuo
09:10 15 Feb 23
Mr Lee is very patience, professional and knowledgeable.. thanks for the help make the process hassle free..
Tan Shi weiTan Shi wei
05:19 15 Feb 23
Mr Lee was very patience and professional when it comes to financial discussion.Highly recommend to all. Great service!
Albusario GoigoAlbusario Goigo
13:02 03 Feb 23
1st timer here and was served by me Lee fast and efficient great service all officer is friendly cos all give good smile when I when in no issue loaning explain very well thank me Lee
Thomas LimThomas Lim
04:30 11 Jan 23
Definitely hassle free when I came here , fast and helpful service from the team . Thank you Mr Lee
Tan Tong miao johnTan Tong miao john
11:08 07 Jan 23
Mr Lee who serve me is very patient and helpful. Explain all the detail clearly. Appreciate his professional expertise.
suzie khansuzie khan
07:30 13 Dec 22
Mr Lim very helpful he listen to my need and explain the plan everything for me according to my need
Travel ManiaTravel Mania
04:05 12 Oct 22
Willing to help you when u needed loan, very simple and easy process. But during repayment, when having difficulties. Still communicating with them. But they kept calling your NOK to pay up. Not professional at all.
Saffron FionaSaffron Fiona
09:15 23 Sep 22
TRANSPARENCY. EXACTLY WHAT I (EVERYONE) WANTS!!!Mr Lim is the best moneylender consultant and advisor in town. Sweet and simple review.Believe me once you come down over unless you want to be robbed by other moneylenders. Just don’t be smitten and “scammed” by sweet talkers like mmmmm , bzzzzzzz. Well This is my honest review as this is my second loan here. Please look for Mr Lim, you will never experience the same hospitality anywhere out there. Thank you.
Mohd FazlyMohd Fazly
07:01 23 Sep 22
Mr Lim is very kind to explain to ne on the best financial solutions for me and my future. His friendly nature makes me so comfortable in conversing with him.
Muhd RahimiMuhd Rahimi
06:31 27 Aug 22
The customer service is excellent they are very polite and nice people. Mr lim the person that serve me he was very polite and easy going person. Highly recommend this place
Norzaima LemanNorzaima Leman
06:34 09 Jul 22
My 2nd time taking loan here with Benson. Had a pleasant transaction. Explain n give clear instructions, rules n regulations. Good customer service overall.
Abdul MutalibAbdul Mutalib
06:30 01 Jul 22
I have been taking loans with this company since 2018... And they never disappoint me. And the staff Benson always there to help me. He's very nice and always explain and give the best solution for you before taking up loans. He is more as a friend for me. Really recommend Alpha 8 and Benson if you want to take up loans as he will always goes the extra mile to help his customer. 100% recommended.
Vow NgVow Ng
09:51 29 Jun 22
First Time been to Alpha8, I was served by Mr Lim. He is a nice and professional, he takes time and patience to explain to me about my situation and how much they able to assist me due to my current situation. I would said overall he did his job in a transparent way and I was delighted I picked the right ML to solved my current problem. 🙏
One RamsOne Rams
08:38 27 Jun 22
Was attended by Mr Lim. Gave me some advice regarding on what to do for the loans in the future. Appreciate his kind words. Thank you so much
Clarisse ZarClarisse Zar
06:11 24 Jun 22
The officer in charge who attended to me is Mr Lim . He is polite and professional. He can quickly process my loan and at thesame time he is strict in all documentations and ensure that the process follows the govt and company policies.I will definitely come to alpha 8 again when im in need. They are my first choice
Dreaming DreamDreaming Dream
09:10 17 Jun 22
Mr Lim a very nice officer that explain in very detail to me that I get to have better understanding on the term and how things works.Definitely will recommend this if anyone need any loan
Muhd FarhanMuhd Farhan
09:56 14 Jun 22
Mr benson is a nice and friendly guy . He guide me through slowly and making me easier to understand. Gave me some advise and suggestions
03:58 06 Jun 22
Liasing with Mr Lim is smooth and convenient. He gives good advice & assistance. Thank you!
Rahim AyimRahim Ayim
06:28 11 May 22
Mr Lim is a very nice guy! Guide me throughout everything that I didn’t know. Give me some advice and suggestion. Nice guy & friendly! Do come and lookout for Mr Lim! Good day!
Patrick FooPatrick Foo
07:04 27 Apr 22
Mr lim explained every thing in details very fast n convenient good service
Nurhan AqilNurhan Aqil
06:40 23 Apr 22
Mr Lim was friendly and gave very good advice. Told me to only take what i need instead of my original advice. Good and honest people
05:19 01 Apr 22
High recommended Mr Lim. Very patience to explain every detail.
Zachery SinZachery Sin
09:20 31 Mar 22
The staff here are super friendly and nice. They also give me advice of how to handle my loans. They are very helpful and I am very glad that I go to them.
12:40 22 Mar 22
Best experience ever in here. Everything when smoothly. Repayment wise is flexible.
Armand HardyArmand Hardy
05:42 17 Mar 22
Positive: Professionalism, ResponsivenessVery good service provided by the company staff especially Mr Lee who really help me solve my problem. Thumbs up to Mr Lee service and the company.Highly recommended 👍👍👍
Ibrahim AliasIbrahim Alias
06:19 24 Feb 22
They help me with my problems. Trustworthy and honest.Great service.
Lagitha RubyannaLagitha Rubyanna
04:25 03 Jan 22
Great help from credit officer Bowen..explain well and help me thru the process..thank you! Definitely recommended.
Cheng Pheng JooCheng Pheng Joo
09:30 25 Feb 21
I have been borrowing from more than 10 licence money lenders since 10 years ago and all are kind and good to you when you borrow but the day you can't repay or late in payment, nothing good comes out from their mouth NO SYMPATHY at all. In my whole of 10 years with moneylenders, Kevan from Alpha 8 is polite and friendly that ease my worried borrowing from them. But what surprised me is Mr Lim from Alpha 8 as a debt collector (Other company usually don't show sympathy) is willing to listen and understand what problem i am facing and propose the necessary repayment scheme to help me tight over when i told him i can't fulfil the repayment. He is simply professional and is making my day! Dear friends thinking to seek financial help, i strongly recommend this company.
Baseer AhmadBaseer Ahmad
05:28 14 Feb 20
Served by Lee great services and provide information to help thanks
Adrian ChinAdrian Chin
07:06 26 Dec 19
Sakiman MornisSakiman Mornis
11:39 02 Sep 19
Explanation is very versed , good knowledge as everything is clearly explains and all questions is well informed
Apple OngApple Ong
11:40 14 Aug 19
Staff are very friendly and accommodating . Highly recommended . 5 thumbs up!
Pacifique O SouthwindPacifique O Southwind
08:09 15 Mar 19
Benson is friendly and good service officer ever since I first started to engaged his services 4 years ago. Recommended financing service provider. Thank you

**Disclaimer:  We DO NOT have any link with AK Alpha 8 credit and we do not have staff by the names of Jonathan and Nick.

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**Disclaimer:  We DO NOT have any link with AK Alpha 8 credit and we do not have staff by the names of Jonathan and Nick.

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Fast loan approval! Alpha8 the No.1 licensed money lenders in Singapore. We provide unsecured lowest personal loan interest rates for your payday repayment.

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**Disclaimer:  We DO NOT have any link with AK Alpha 8 credit and we do not have staff by the names of Jonathan and Nick.